National Library Week is April 3-10, 2022

National Library Week, from April 3 to 10, allows us to promote our local libraries and their workers. From Harry Potter and Matilda, to Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones, we’re sure at some point you’ve dashed to the library to borrow your favorite book. Then comes studying. Haven’t we all spent endless hours in the library revising for our exams, borrowing textbooks, free journals and using their online resources? Do you remember that feeling of getting a brand-new library card – of whipping it out when you borrowed a mountain of DVD’s? Of course, times have changed since the millennium, but aren’t the staff always so professional and kind? Libraries are pivotal to society to both universities and to schools. Celebrating them, means celebrating silent reading, our communities and getting into college. Therefore, it’s an obvious good deed. This National Library Week, let’s look back on our love for the smell inside an old book, and wholeheartedly thank our local public libraries.