Back to the Past: Our Kewanna

Local historian, Bob Clyde, will continue his discussion of mapping the homes in Kewanna.   Join us to give your input about the town’s residents and where they lived.  Back to the Past: “Our Kewanna” will be held on Wednesday, March 29 @ 11:00.

Coffee & Tea Time is held @ 10:30 every Wednesday morning.  Plan to attend our Coffee @ Tea Time enjoying time with your neighbors and friends and then stay for Back to the Past “Our Kewanna”.


“The Dandelion Picker” by Patricia Ploss

Local author, Patricia Ploss, will be sharing her book, The Dandelion Picker @ Kewanna Union Township Public Library on Wed., April 5 @ 11:00.  The Dandelion Picker is the true story of Patricia’s son and the hard journey he took to become the person he is today.  You won’t want to miss this touching story!

Train Your Brain

Join us for “Train your Brain” with Jessica Riffle, HHS Educator Fulton County Purdue Extension, on Wed., Mar. 13 @ 11:00. This program shares information about dementia and the different types, why early detection and diagnosis are so important, the warning signs of dementia, and the steps you can take to better your own brain health.

Homeschoolers @ the Library “Volcanoes”

Our Homeschoolers @ the Library program is back & it’s all about science!

We will be learning about “Volcanoes “on Wed., March 15 @ 2:00 in Kewanna Union Township Public Library.   Kewanna Union Township Public Library is located at 210 E. Main St., Kewanna, IN.

Join us for a fun-filled program!  All homeschoolers are welcome to attend!

Cole Brothers Circus by Shirley Willard

Fulton County Historian, Shirley Willard, will be sharing her knowledge of the Cole Brothers Circus and its connection to Fulton County, Indiana on Wed., March 8 @ 11:00 in Kewanna Union Township Public Library.

Willard says Cole Brothers was one of the last traditional circuses to use the big top tents and travel by railroad.  In the winter, the performers and animals lived in Rochester. In the summer, the show would travel the rails, setting up tents and performing around the county.