Totally Veggies! Series Why Choose Fruits & Vegetables?

Nancy Hudson, Purdue Extension/Fulton County HHS Educator, will be presenting a Totally Veggies! 4 part series on the 3rd Wednesday of each month beginning on Wednesday, March 21 @ 11:00.  These programs will take place in Kewanna Public Library.

Fruits and vegetables supply our bodies with many of the vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals needed to keep our bodies growing and healing.  These nutrients are important and can help you ward off heart disease and stroke, some types of cancer, may help you avoid vision loss, and help you maintain a healthy weight.  Totally Veggies! was adapted from a research based curriculum developed by Penn State University Extension.

Totally Veggies! will be presented in 4 monthly lessons March- June at Kewanna Public Library.  Lesson 1: Liven Up Your Meals with Vegetables on Wed., March 21 @ 11:00; Lesson 2: Dark Leafy Green Vegetables on Wed., April 11 @ 11:00; Lesson 3: Orange & Red Vegetables on Wed., May 16 @ 11:00; Lesson 4: Cruciferous & Root Vegetables on Wed., June 20 @ 11:00

Learn the health benefits of vegetables and how to buy and prepare vegetables.  Introduce new vegetables to your family and friends through tasty recipes and sample food at each class.