Healthy Hearts and Different Types of Fats (Rescheduled Program from February)

February was American Heart Month.  Jessica Riffle, HHS Educator, will be sharing information about preventing heart disease and making heart-healthy lifestyle changes.  “Healthy Hearts and Different Types of Fats” will be presented on Wednesday, March 24 @ 11:00.  This program will take place in Kewanna-Union Township Public Library which is located at 210 E. Main St., Kewanna, IN.

Heart disease is the leading cause of death among men and women. Jessica will explain how to monitor risk factors for heart disease and how to make simple changes to your daily routine that can improve your heart health.  Join us to become heart smart and reduce your risk for heart disease!

For more information call Kewanna-Union Township Public Library at 574-653-2011 or check out our Facebook page.